Every research project is unique, but follows a similar trajectory.  Sue Carter Kahl Consulting is available for your entire project or targeted support.

  • Intent

    What is the purpose of the project?
    What do you want to know or understand better?
    How will this new knowledge support your mission or decision making?

  • Insight

    What kind of data will increase your knowledge/understanding?
    Whose perspectives do you need?
     Clients • Staff • Community partners • Peers • Volunteers
     Parents/family members • Community members/residents

  • Interaction

    What are the best ways to access the data or perspectives?
     Surveys • Focus groups • Interviews • Observation
     Program participation/intervention • Community conversations
     Workshops • Document/web review

  • Ideas

    What is the best way to make meaning of the results?
     Data analysis by:
      Staff • Clients • Community • Researcher

  • Inform

    How can we tell the story?
     White paper • Presentation • Report • Training
     Publication • Blog • Web site content
    Who shares the story?
      Staff • Clients • Community