Research Services

What we conduct – research,   evaluation,   assessment,  and  measurement.

What we practice – curiosity,  wonder,  inquiry,   and  discovery.

Research has a tendency to discourage many leaders. It sounds expensive, time-consuming, and out of touch with daily realities and decision-making needs. Yet, many of us have questions. What does the community need from us? Is our work on track? Are we making a difference? How can we improve?

Research is the process of answering these questions and more. The good news is that it is possible to answer questions in a way that is affordable, timely, and connected to your expertise and organization needs.

Whether you need help designing and conducting a full evaluation, making sense of data you have already collected, or supporting one part of a larger project, Sue Carter Kahl Consulting can help you accomplish your goals.

“Thank you for all your incredible hard work on this. We could not have brought it to life without you!”   Client


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